Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mini vacation in Williamsburg VA

Actually, we were there only one full day.  Driving there took about 6.5 - 7 hours.  It was a nice and very smooth ride.  No traffic jams and only a few idiots.
When we arrived we ordered dinner from Denny's.  Chicken fried steak with gravy.  It was tasty, but both of our stomachs didn't really agree with it.
The next day we went on a walking tour trough the colonial village of Williamsburg.  It was awesome and the weather was super!  No, it was PERFECT!  I am glad that we brought Kia's stroller.  She wouldn't have been able to walk the whole thing.  It was a lot and we felt our legs the next day.  However, it was worth it....every single step!  What a great place to visit!
We finished the village around 2 pm and left to drive to Yorktown.  It was an 11 miles ride on a gorgeous road lined with beautiful fall colored trees.  Well worth a visit.  A place known for both its waterfront charm and its famous battles. We wandered along the York River’s sandy beach.  It is hard to imagine that fierce fighting ever took place nearby many years ago.
On the way home we drove through Williamsburg to find a place to eat and decided to pick up some subs. We got lucky and found  Great subs and I wished they would open a franchise here.  It probably would take NJ Mike out of business.
The next day we drove home and again had a smooth ride.  All in all....a great little mini vacation.

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