Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our condo in Murrell Inlet

Before we decided we want to be seasonal campers again, we planned a trip  to Myrtle Beach with our German friends Rudi and Katrin.  On the way there we stayed one night at a La Quinta in Doswell VA.  We continued our trip the next day and arrived safe and sound at the condo we rented.  The condo looked nice on the Internet and was described well.  It was not.  It looked like someone went to a flea market to furnish the house, from chipped dishes to the furniture. You would think when someone rents out a place that is suppose to sleep 4-6 people, there would at least be enough dishes at least for 4.  There were three forks and three butter knifes, the pots had no matching lids and the Teflon frying pans were scratched and unusable.
this picture is from another apartment in the building
The dining area we read that it seats 5 people, but there were only three chairs.
In one of the reviews one person wrote that the area rugs were dirty and the landlord(lady) commented that there are no area rugs.  Funny, there are some in their advertised pictures.
If you don't look too close it is fairly clean and by that mean don't look too close.  You would also think that when you have a long day of sightseeing you want to just chill and sit comfortable.  No way are those furniture comfortable.  The pink chair with all the stuff hanging below is not usable at all.  The couch is worn and totally uncomfortable.  There was another chair that was OK.  All in all, it looked like the owner got the furniture from a flea market.
The description also said that you can sit outside to chill, etc.  The outside furniture in the back and front are filthy.  I wouldn't even let my dog sit in there.  There was an ashtray that never was emptied.
WiFi was good, TV was a different story.  There was a cable in the wall lose and we thought that must be from the cable company.  It didn't work and then we saw those "As Seen On TV" antennas.  Yay.....got one channel, called the landlord and told her and she said that is the first time she heard this, just place the antenna in a different location and you will get more channels.  We did and yay...we got three different stations.  One of them NBC.
We weren't able to lock our windows and the door locks are a joke. Anyone is able to break in and steal our valuables.

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