Sunday, May 14, 2017

Being grateful

Is there such a thing as the worst day of your life?  I guess you won't know until the end.....
I had about three so least that what one thinks at the time it happens.  My parent's passing, and on May 1st 2017 the motor cycle accident that Dennis had.  Here is what happened:
Dennis was on his motor cycle driving straight on Rt. 166 and and a woman made a left turn and t-boned him.  
He has spine injuries and lost his left foot up to the knee, a few broken ribs and a fractured sacrum.
I am grateful that he is alive and on the road to recovery and hopefully soon, he'll be able to come home to his wife and children.
Today is Mother's Day and I am spending the day with the family at the rehab center.  I am not sad anymore....I am happy that I have two loving children.

This picture is from last year's mother's day

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