Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our first day in Brandon Florida

We left Sunday, arrived 9 hours later in Fayetteville NC.  Nice hotel!  Very clean and pleasant.  We arrived at our hotel (La Quinta) yesterday totally exhausted.  It was a 10+ ride due to traffic congestions.  It was bad.
Very tired we arrived at the hotel, checked in and saw our room....oh boy....
Let me start with saying that I am very disappointed.
1. The first thing I was told that because I got a weekly rate, I only get housekeeping only twice a week.  I was not told that at the time of the reservation. We are on vacation....why would I want to make my bed?  Empty garbage and run down to the desk to ask for fresh towels?
2. We asked for a 1st floor room because it is easier to take out the dog.  We got a first floor room.  After we unpacked most of the things we noticed that the fridge still had food in from prior guests and the fridge was not working. Totally unacceptable.
I went to the front desk to tell the receptionist and she came to the room to check it.  The outlet was behind the dresser, which we pulled away.  At this point we were greeted by roaches that were hiding behind the dresser. The receptionist saw it and told us she will look for another room for us. She told us that there was only one room available that has a microwave and fridge on the third floor with a king size bed.  I really wanted to queens or two full size beds.  I said to her that I will take the other room if I get a second clean blanket.  I need my own comforter.  She did give it to me.  Brand new comforter and Sheet.
All in all, the new room isn't so bad, and most of all NO BUGS!  The sheets are clean and so is the bathroom.  The rest I can deal with.
Today Kia experienced her first day in her new stroller and it went pretty well.  We took a walk to a mall that is only 0.5 mile away.  More or less to find out what is nearby.  Lots of stores and eateries.

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