Friday, February 24, 2017

Flower show my foot!

Well.....I was looking forward to this flower show in the Edison Expo center.  It was a bus trip sponsored by the Berkeley Twp. Rec. Center.  It is a wonderful program for seniors.  For $10 a year, they take you every Thursday to a different place.  From shopping malls to exhibits and then some. This week we took a trip to Edison to see the annual flower show. The whole thing should have been called flea market or craft show.  Most of the exhibitors were dealers.  Everything you can think of was displayed, from chiropractors to jewelry sales stands. 
Sure, there were a few flower displays, as well as garden furniture, etc., but I expected to see a lot of flowers and not people trying to push massages, or solar panels, as well as windows on you.  All in all....I wasted $12 to get in.
I took a few flower shots, but the place wasn't even well lit, and a flash would have been too bright for this micro shots.
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