Saturday, October 8, 2016

The kitchen

What can I say.....daughter asked what color will your kitchen be?  My answer was, a beige, or a type of eggshell.  So she says...go for some color, like a sage or so.
My front room is sage.  I didn't want the same color, but maybe something similar.  So off to Home Depot to pick up the paint.  I looked at the paper samples and one greenish color looked nice.  So, that is what we picked.
The first stroke went on the wall after the ceiling was done in white.  WOW..... it sure looked different than I expected.  No way does it resemble sage or even anything close to it. I told myself to calm down and wait until it's done.
Once the curtains were up and everything else was in its place, it actually looked nice.  It's an aqua color....kind of the color that one would paint a kitchen in Bermuda, or any of the tropical islands.

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