Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trip to the Twin Lights

This week's bus trip went to the Twin Lights in Highlands, NJ.  I was there before, but I figured, why not go again.  It was a short trip.  Once you were in the lighthouse and you walked around, you saw it all and it took about 15 minutes if that.  I really was hoping we could have a nice lunch at a small place down below called "Off the Hook".  Didn't work that way.  Some people brought their lunch and nobody was interested to walk down 1/3 of a mile.
Since there was so much time left, the bus driver called to office to let them know that we'll drive to the Tinton Falls Premium Outlets.  That worked for me. Deb, Ginny and I had a nice lunch at Nathan's and as we were walking around, we also found a few good deals at some of the stores.
Before we left the lighthouse, a biker came onto the parking lot with his machine...beautiful customized Goldwing.  Yup, I totally can see myself riding it.
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