Thursday, June 30, 2016

Island Beach State Park

The perfect day to go to the beach!  Peter took his rods, but no fish.  That's OK, it was real nice.  The water was so pretty and the temperature was just right.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First concert at Veteran's Park in 2016

What a night and if you didn't try the fried Oreos at the Elk's stand, you really missed out on a delicious treat. There were a lot of great food stands. If you left hungry, it was your own fault.
Tonight was the first concert of the summer concert series. It was a total success and the crowd enjoyed Shadows of the 60s - Motown Tribute & Fireworks.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We went looking for Dory

We didn't even plan much for the day, just a little housework and then chill.  Got a call this morning from Tammy asking me if I'd take the girls to the movies. She has pre-paid tickets.  You know, sometimes when you have nothing planed and thought you can just chill?  That is why I had to think for a minute, but how can I say no?  So I picked them up, Anna, Ava and their cousin Emmy from PA who is staying the week over Tammy's house.
It was nice and I actually enjoyed the movie and of course, being with the girls.  However, I now had enough searching for lost fish. LOL

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beach time

First we went to Ava's last soccer game for this season and then we went to the beach.  Yay!  Finally!  It was a great afternoon with Tammy and Family and her friend Michele and her family.  We stayed until about 7:30pm.  It was time to leave because it got too cold for me.  I didn't plan ahead, forgetting how chilly it gets at the beach in the evening. I'll make sure I'll bring some warm clothes the next time.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Elisabeth's 2016 Dance recital

We truly enjoyed this recital.  All the dancers were very good and it was a lot of fun watching all these talented kids.  Our Boo was great!  Her performance was great and she looked so pretty.

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Video link below

Link to Boo's performance - video

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Point Pleasant

What a great day to be on the boardwalk.  It was the last senior trip for the season.  We walked a bit and then decided to visit the Aquarium.  Only $7 for Seniors!  It was a nice surprise.
Then off to the Martel Tiki Bar for a Bloody Mary and some lunch.  We really had a wonderful time.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Oda House in Toms River, NJ

OK...I finally went to the Oda House. It was tasty, but not tasty enough for me to say 'WOW'. 
Because we just wanted to try it out, we did got for the early bird special. $14.95. We did other early bird special in some restaurants and never left hungry. Well..... today, for the first time in our life, we left a restaurant hungry.
Peter's had the garden salad. It was good and enough. I had an eggplant salad. It was a small portion, but tasty. We got a glass Pepsi.... a very small glass of Pepsi.
Now to the entry. Peter hat some ground meat in a dry wrap and two very dry potato wedges with some sauce on the side. He said the meat was tasty, but nothing special. He didn't care for the wrap, he said it was too dry.
Mine was supposed to be a shish kebab. In the menu it said chicken/lamb/pork. I asked for lamb and was told it's either chicken or pork. OK, I took the pork. 
It was served on a horrible looking wooden plate. Not very hygienic looking, but I am usually not picky. It came with 3 small pieces of meat and two very dry potato wedges. 
For dessert I ordered for both of us the Napoleons. It was recommended to us from a few people. We were told it's a very huge piece. I guess the shrink it for the early bird special. I have to say though, it was good. The phyllo dough was flaky as it should be and the creme filling was good too. 
All together, I have to say I was pretty disappointed.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Elks Flag Day Ceremony & Jimmy's Party

We had a pretty busy day today.  At 10:30 am was the the Elks Ceremony.  It was actually very nice and lunch was served after. Carmen Amato attended too, even though there was another Berkeley Township event (DARE) at Veteran's Park. It was greatly appreciated that he took the time to participate in our ceremony.
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In the afternoon we went to Danielle's house to celebrate Jimmy's first time home after he started his service for our country. He is a fine young man and I felt honored that we were invited. 
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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trip to the Twin Lights

This week's bus trip went to the Twin Lights in Highlands, NJ.  I was there before, but I figured, why not go again.  It was a short trip.  Once you were in the lighthouse and you walked around, you saw it all and it took about 15 minutes if that.  I really was hoping we could have a nice lunch at a small place down below called "Off the Hook".  Didn't work that way.  Some people brought their lunch and nobody was interested to walk down 1/3 of a mile.
Since there was so much time left, the bus driver called to office to let them know that we'll drive to the Tinton Falls Premium Outlets.  That worked for me. Deb, Ginny and I had a nice lunch at Nathan's and as we were walking around, we also found a few good deals at some of the stores.
Before we left the lighthouse, a biker came onto the parking lot with his machine...beautiful customized Goldwing.  Yup, I totally can see myself riding it.
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