Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th

When I took Kia for her morning walk, I decided to take a look how high the water still is.  It receded somewhat, but it still is pretty high.  The road I walked is on the other side of that little cemetery.  I reported about that earlier and at that point I didn’t see the sign that explains that there once was a chapel behind the cemetery.  Lot of history here.
We finally made it to downtown Boydton.  After a trip to Clarksville to catch some WiFi at the library and a visit to the Food Lion, we stopped at the library in Boydton to check it out.  The town itself is very quaint and the library, even though small, is very nice.  We decided to go there again on our next trip.  Not just to get WiFi, but also to walk through the very small downtown.  It’s a nice picture opportunity.
Back at the campground another huge beetle visited us.  About an inch and a half in size or so, but different than the ‘Click Beetle’ that we saw the other day.
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