Saturday, May 7, 2016

Clarksville yard sale

Clarksville had a town wide yard sale. It wasn’t much, but it was a day out.  The sun was warm and after we were done browsing, we decided that we want to eat pizza on the way back to the camper.  The pizza was good and with it we enjoyed a mug of Blue Moon beer.   Still not quite ready to continue back to the camper.  We stopped at the dam.  It was very interesting.  We met a volunteer (Mary) who loves full time in her van camper across from our campsite.  She is a freelance writer and that is how she has some extra income.  Expenses she has very little, just food and her data card.
While at the dam, we also met people that were doing something very similar to Geo Caching.  They called it AtlasQuest and instead of leaving a little trinket like in Geo Caching, you have a stamp and stamp a little notepad.  They just found the location of a little box that was place by a fellow hobbyist there 2015.
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