Saturday, April 30, 2016

Morning walk

Brrrr… was pretty chilly this morning and we turned on the heat for a few minutes.  I even had to wear a long sleeved sweater when I took Kia for her morning walk.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Went the library to do some bills and a little Facebook.  As usual, I got side tracked and forgot to upload what I wrote yesterday.  Doesn’t matter, I took no pictures anyway.  I did make reservations for 5/6 – 5/20 at North Bend Park and after we left the library, we took a ride to see what our campsite looks like.  It’s OK… OK I mean we had better sites, but this one will do.  While at the park, I checked my phone and the reception once again was lousy.  Now we are hoping that we at least have some TV reception when we get there.  We are running out of movies and I don’t know how far the next Redbox is from there. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rain, rain go away!

It started raining Wednesday late afternoon and it continued through the night into the morning.  It was very warm (loved it) during the day and around 5:30pm it started to rain again. 
On Wednesday morning I removed a tick from Peter and a few hours later it started to look red and swollen around the bite.  When we got up this morning the spot was a little larger than the size of a quarter.  We figured it’s best to have a doctor take a look to be on the safe side.  Lime disease is the last thing we need.  We found a local physician and they were able to give is an appointment today.  His name was Dr. Kirk Hasenmueller.  His grandparents were German.  Very nice Doctor!  Anyway, we walked out with a prescription for an anti-biotic and drove to the nearest Walmart to get the drug and while there, we did a little shopping.  We also purchased a new DVD player.  The unit that came with the camper seized.  No TV, no Wifi, no phone….a working DVD player is an absolute must!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Time for the honey wagon

For days of showers and usage of the bathroom it was time to dump.  Most state or national parks don't have sewers on the campsites and that is when the honey wagon comes in very handy.  No need to hook up the whole unit.
I took a little walk this morning.  The train on the picture is standing there for days already.  Wonder why?
There also is a little beach and picnic areas.  All in all, this is a very nice Army Corps of Engineers park.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Today Peter walks passed the hitch and the guide plate that is attached to the pin of the 5th wheel missed his foot by literally millimeters.  It just fell down.  If it would have fallen on his foot, for sure he'd have had broken bones in his foot.  
So now we are here in VA and now what?  Do you have any idea what to do?  We paid good money for the hitch and the installation and did not expect that anything would happen on the first trip already.  Luckily Peter is handy and was able to repair it the next day.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A perfect 10

The weather: a perfect #10!  So we took a ride to look at the campground that I booked from 5/6 to 5/20.  YIKES!  The site much too small….as a matter of fact, all campsites at the campground (Rudd’s Creek) are tiny. 
Change of plans.  In the afternoon we went to see another campground and when we got to the library tomorrow I am going to try to change reservations.
We had some yummy sausages - grilled to perfection by chef Peter. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

First day

The park is very pretty….but….WTH….no phone and no WiFi?  Can’t get a signal.  Got a text through to the kids to tell them the situation and left the park’s telephone number, in case of an emergency. 
We took a ride to the grocery store (was able to get a tower in the area) and picked up a few things to ‘nash’ on. The store is a Food Lion.  It is a very clean store and very well organized. The people are so friendly here.  Totally different from where we live.  We spent most of the day outside.  The weather is great so far.  Very warm and just an occasional shower in between.  Perfect!

Friday, April 22, 2016

We are leaving

We left 6 am because we knew that we had a ling ride.  The traffic around Washington DC we horrible!  We lost about 1.5 hours on time.  The rest of the trip went smooth and we arrived exhausted in the rain.  Peter just unhooked, straightened out and we just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting ready

The day didn’t start off very good.  We went to get the camper.  When we got to the storage place, we saw that a truck was parked in front of our unit.  The owner came towards us and told us that he locked the keys in the car.  He was waiting for AAA to come and help him out.  About 45 minutes later they arrived and we were able to finally hook up the camper.  It took us another half an hour to do it, because something didn’t work right with the hitch.
Yea, finally we were able to take the camper home so that we could load the groceries and a few other missing items that we haven’t packed yet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Luke's Lacrosse game

Wow....what in the world is going on?  We got April 20th and I was freezing my butt off at the Lax field!
Today we saw the whole family at the field and it was great to see them all one more time before we are leaving for Virginia this Friday.

Click here to see Luke Lacrosse team

Friday, April 1, 2016


I am an Elk and for the second time I received an award for publicist of the year.  To be honest, even though it is greatly appreciated and I feel totally honored, it still makes me totally uncomfortable to receive it.