Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rock Mountain

Today was a great day to take a ride.  So we decided to take a ride to Rock Mountain.  Big disappointment!  Well, it wouldn't have been because it looked interesting and like a lot of fun.  As we were approaching the park, we noticed that you have to pay to get in, but we didn’t really know what to expect.  We asked the cashier what we’ll see.  She said that all the rides are closed, and some of the sites worth seeing had constructions.  I asked what we would get for our $15pp entrance/parking fee.  She answered that we could take a walk around Rock Mountain, which is a 5 mile walk.  Needless to say that the next thing I was asking how we can get out of there.  The trip from the campground to Rock mountain was 50 miles….it wasn’t really a waste, because I love looking at areas.  It was  pretty ride.  When we got home, we ate diner and Peter lit a fire.  The sunset was once again gorgeous.


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