Friday, October 23, 2015

Day two

We went to Sawnee’s and boy are we glad we did.  The site that we had reservations for is much too small for our unit and the campground is not as nice as the one we are staying at.  The area is very pretty and I am sure there is much to see and enjoy, but we decided that we are going to stay at Bolding Mills.
On the way back to our camper we picked up some firewood.  Oh boy…the owner of the shop was the most prejudice man I have even met in my life.  I guess we are in the South…. LOL 
Once we were back at the camper I went on-line to check which sites are available and found out that there are very few open for the time when we need a site.  One of the sites open though, was the one next to us and it didn’t take us long to decide that is the one we take and I booked it right away. The site has a gorgeous view of the lake!  We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get that site and to top it off….right next to our old site.  Super!  I canceled the campsite at Sawnees and now we are all set here until we leave. Life it good.


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