Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New tires

Went to the dealer today to get the new tires that we knew we’d have to get when we bought the truck.  We really like the Blaise Alexander dealership.  While there, we told them that there was a weird smell and it came from the brakes.  Even though we didn’t get warranty with the truck because it is used, they will replace the "Brake Caliper" at no cost to us.  There were new brake pads installed and other maintenance items were done just before we purchased the truck.  They could very easily said that the "Brake Caliper" is not covered.  So far, we are very please with the dealer and we would recommend it highly.
While waiting, we visited the farmer’s market across the street.  Unfortunately we couldn’t purchase anything, but we will go back next Wednesday to take ‘stuff’ home.  Oh, if you are wondering about the sign, it was in the bathroom of the farmer’s market and I thought it was pretty funny.


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