Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Frogs and steaks

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and while we were sitting by the fire something jumped into the water.  Curious, I walked up with my camera, hoping to catch a good picture of any frog by the lake side.
I didn't even know he was there! I heard it 'flop' and thought....oh well, he's gone.  I just took the picture with my 300mm lens hoping that I'll see him through the water some the meantime the little bastard was watching me, hiding behind that stone! Saw him after I took to picture of my camera.


Today was shopping day.  First to Wally World to get necessities and then to Masser’s meat market to get some steaks.  While there we got some fresh sausage and smoked pork chops.  The steaks were, as always AWESOME!  Look at the size of one of them.


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