Monday, September 15, 2014

Central Park

43 years after I visited Central Park the first time, I went today.  Debby and I had a great time admiring this wonderful park.  We planned on walking the whole park, but realized when we were half through that we can’t make it.  I didn’t know that Central Park is that huge.  So we did half and hopefully we can do the other half the next time we drive into the city.
We walked back towards Port Authority and had a place of Nachos and a Weizenbeer at the Beer Authority across the street from the bus terminal.  We finished our snack and then walked to B&H Photo.  That place is a nut house!  It was very – very big. 
Walking back to the bus station, but not without going to “Rudy’s Bar and Grill” for a beer.
Back on the bus with feet that are killing me!


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