Friday, May 9, 2014

Visiting Friends

What a great day today.  First we took a ride to Danville.  We walked around a little, stopped in a cute little pub for a delicious beer in a frosted mug.  While walking down Mill St., we noticed that BJ’s (great steakhouse) had a fire and is now closed.  That is too bad because they really have some awesome steaks and other yummy foods.
On Mill St. we saw a lot of commotion with cops and an ambulance.  There there was an accident and it sure looked like someone didn’t pay attention where they were driving.  She drove right in the back of the other car. Maybe texting?
Next stop: Sunbury.  We visited a few friends from our time at Fantasy Island.  It was great seeing the Feldmans, Ed, Linda and Josephine.  I do miss everyone there.

2014-05-02 003

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