Saturday, April 12, 2014

A quick trip….

As I told before, we were lucky to get into J&D Campground.  The site we got was really nice and we loved it that is was right by a stream.  However, it was very narrow and we would not be able to open the awning.  The owner called Friday night that one of the seasonal campers will not come back and is we want, we can take the site on the other side of the campground. So we went (3.5 hour ride one way) to the campground on Saturday to see if we like the site.  It was a nice ride and we were able to load the car and bring some more stuff up.   We did like the new site and told the owner that we will take it.  Below are pictures of the stream that we would have been on and one picture of the new site, which is right on a pond.  So we’ll still have a water site without the sound of a running stream. Smile 

JandD (2)JandD (3)JandD (4)
Below is the new site
JandD (1)

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