Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gotta love Costco!

We went to return the laptop today and with a smile and no questions ask, they returned my money.  Of course I told them why I am returning it and they said that I was the second person that returned the laptop for exactly that reason.
We then went to PC Richards, Staples and BJ's.  No-one had what I wanted.  So I went on-line to Costco's website and there was the computer that I just returned for about $90 less.  I noticed that the newer models, especially the 15" ones do not have a DVD/CD drive anymore.  So I went ahead and ordered it from Costco with the thought that in the rare occasion when I need a DVD/CD drive, I will just connect my portable external drive and that will work for me.
I guess that will be the future.  Most program that you buy these day are on-line anyway and you have to download them.  When I bought Office 2013, all I got was a serial number and the rest came from on-line. I guess I'll get used to it.  After all, it took me a while to get used not using a floppy disk anymore....this shall pass too.
When I looked outside this evening I notice the most gorgeous sunset.  Picture time!

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