Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feeling excited!

Cross your fingers!  We traded in our RV for a travel trailer.  We are not ready to camp, but the traveling will stop now.  We are looking for a nice and reasonable site in PA.  We’d love to get one closer by, but they are very expensive here in NJ.  It really is too bad.We are driving to PA tomorrow and Friday is when the dealer brings the trailer to the campground.  That will be a temporary spot and we’ll be looking for another one while we are there over the weekend.  Below are some picture.  It is not our camper, but it is the same model.  I will take pictures as soon as we have OUR camper in possession.


Anonymous said...

Das Ding ist ja einfach der Wahnsinn!!!
Ich wünsche euch noch ganz viele tolle Reisen mit eurem neuen "Heim" -and hope we once can try out these incredible causy looking armchairs!! :-D

Heidi said...

Ich wuenschte ich wuerde wissen wer das geschrieben hat.....