Saturday, February 1, 2014

Foggy morning

After a night with hardly any sleep we called the vet and she was able to squeeze us in.  Kia was up almost every hour last night and you could see that she didn’t feel good at all.  Poor baby. The vet took a stool sample, checked her out thoroughly, hydrated her and sent us home with pills, two cans of a bland diet and a bill for $117.19.  A few hours later Kia started to feel better and she ate and drank.  This was the first time that she was real sick and it really scared us.
The Vet’s office was very nice and the staff, including the vet was very nice.  While waiting, quite a few beautiful dogs came in.  Two of them a pair of Portuguese Water dogs, both female, one was pregnant.
We had to kill a little time before we took the ride to the vet and drove to the water. It was a very foggy morning and the lake looked outright eerie.  As always, the vulchers were hanging around waiting for whatever.  There was a hawk in the tree posing for me and once again I was mad that I didn't have a tri-pod with me.   I got some decent pictures anyway, but they would have been clearer if they were taken with a tri-pod.


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