Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving day

We are some lucky ducks!  We’ve been staying at Myakka River State Park after we left Oscar Scherer S.P. for 2 weeks.  We would have had to leave today to drive to Little Manatee River S.P. which we like too.  However, it 40 more miles north and usually about 3 degrees cooler.  Under normal circumstances it would be fine, but the weather is so screwed up lately that we felt it’s better to stay in this area.  Besides, my nephew and wife are coming to Cape Coral, Florida and this way it is closer for them to come and see us.  So we were at the office before 8 am and waited for them to open.  We were the first ones in line and put down our name to be on the waiting list for a non-reservable  campsite to open.  It sure did and now we can stay on that site for another two weeks.  If that is not lucky enough, we now have sewer too and the site is huge and this part of the Myakka S.P. is paved and the sites are peppled. 
Oh yeah, and we also got a new grill by Weber at the Home Depot for almost $100 less, just because it is an older model.


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