Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First few days of our trip

Except for major delays on I-95, we had a good trip.  We stayed in Emporia, VA the first night and the next stop was Darien, GA at our favorite campground ‘Inland Harbor’.  The first night in Darien, we walked across the street and had a great hamburger ‘Flame Thrower’ at the local Dairy Queen Grill.  It really was a great burger and I have no idea why people go across the street from that to Mickey D’s.
We stayed two nights at Inland Harbor and enjoyed the warm weather.
We arrived in Florida on the 30th and on New Year’s Eve we went to bed at 9pm…..YIKES….we must be getting old.   Today is New Year’s Day and we may be getting company from a young couple that we met here.  They are leaving Oscar Scherer S.P., but said they might stop by before they do. 

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