Friday, January 10, 2014

Another fun day with Celia!  Not only fun, but delicious as well, because Celia brought dessert and it was awesome!  Homemade Danish and yummy German Apfelkuchen!   Thanks Celia! 
We then just chillaxed after we took a little walk to the nature center.  They have WiFi there.  Most of the time I upload my pictures there, because I am somewhat limited with my data card.
Today is Friday and we’ll just relax.  It is pretty amazing how relaxed I am here in Florida.  I am sleeping ‘till 9 am without waking up during the night.
Tomorrow (Saturday) Paul and Judy will be arriving in Florida.  Can’t wait to see them on Sunday and hopefully Kia recognizes her brothers.
I got a few good shots today during a walk.  It was beautiful, very warm, but I take that any time. 

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