Friday, June 15, 2012

This and that

Haven’t written here in a few days.  I sold my D3100 through Amazon and I ordered a Olympus E-M5.  I didn’t get it yet, but I am pretty excited and can’t wait.  I always had an Olympus SLR until I bought the Nikon.  The Nikon is nice,  but I love the Olympus because it has a stabilization system build in the camera verses the stabilization build in the lens like the Nikon.  So watch out for some pictures soon from my new camera.
Went to the eye Dr.last week and everything checked out fine…must be all the carrots I eat. P6060183

Went on a quick photo-shoot with my ‘clicking buddy’ to the Cathedral Of The Air and we got a few good shots.

Today, June 15th….I got my first massage EVER!  OMG, it was real nice and now I want to be rich, so that I can afford one once a week.  Christine did an awesome job and she made me feel very comfortable.

Another deer sighting (we have them every day) in our yard,  I love having the deer here.  They are almost tame and a joy to look at.DSC_0015

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