Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Atlantic City

As you know from prior posts, my Mom's (R.I.P.) birthday was April 11th.  She was born 1918 and this year she would have been 94 years old.  I truly miss her so much and and which that I would have told her that I loved her more often when she was alive.
Anyway, every April 11th, ever since mom passed away, Tammy, Chrissy and I celebrate her birthday in Atlantic City.  My Mom loved gambling (a little too much) and this is how we honor her and celebrate her life.  Dinner, a toast, and a few Dollars for the sake of gambling.  When Mom was alive, I hated to take her to A.C., because I personally do not like to spend my hard earned money in the slots.  I must say though, I do enjoy going every year.  Unfortunately, this year we had to delay it by two weeks, because of Peter's health problem.  I am sure my mother would have agreed that the health comes first.
Below are pictures from the inside of the new casino, called 'Revel'.  Check out the huge pink ceiling lamp.  It was very nice, but there were no restaurant that we were interested in.  So we left there and went to the Tropicana.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at P.F. Chang's, followed by a stroll through the store that were in the casino and then we hit the machines.....some gamblers we the Penny slot.  I put in my (planed) $20 bill and gambled away...half an hour later I was down to $10.23 and that was the end of my big gambling night.  We were home about 11:30 pm and now we just have to wait until next April 11th.

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