Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vultures, gators and the best beach EVER!

We went to the beach today.  On the way we stopped to take a few pictures of the gators in the park.  I took the pictures of the vultures in the morning while I was walking Kia.Myakka (6)
Now to the beach…. but boy was I wrong when I said NJ has the best beaches!  Siesta Key was absolutely gorgeous.  It was the prettiest beach that I have ever been to.  Granted…I haven’t been too all beaches in the whole world, but I’ve been to a lot of beaches in this country and this does it for me.  (so far)  What I liked about it was the widths and the white, very clean powder-like sand, never mind the warm water of the gulf.  I also like that there was no boardwalk with all the hustle and bustle of an amusement park.  Smoking was forbidden on the beach and everything looked very clean.  We are not sun-worshippers, but we stayed a little while just to enjoy the warm sun and the atmosphere.Siesta Key (4)

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