Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missed a few days of blogging…..this site is not completed yet….come back another day!

We are having a great time and enjoying the time we are spending with our friends Pennie and Lenny.  The last time we got together was 2006.  We stayed in touch over the years and are happy that they came to Florida just to meet up with us.  Pennie and Lenny are full-timers and love their full time RVing life.  Please visit our friend’s Website: http://fulltimervers2.blogspot.com/
To go back to the pictures…I took the turtle on January 20th.  If you click on in, you’ll see another gorgeous sunset, some birds and pretty scenery.Jan20th 002
On Sunday, our friends arrived and we were just chilling and showing them the a little of the park.  P1220002
Great day to explore the park on Monday, January 23rd.  We climbed up the tower and walked over a hanging bridge.  Pennie was not too thrilled about the hanging bridge, but she was a trooper and walked right over it. P1230010
Tuesday, January 24th…as always in the morning, I took Kia for her walk.  It pays to take the camera, because up in the tree, there was this very beautiful bright red bird.  It was the size of a parrot, looking like a cardinal.  Obviously, when I saw this bird sitting up there, I wished I had a larger lens.Red Bird
After we were all done, we too Pennie and Lenny to the Tampa-Electric power plant Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach.   We also showed them Little Manatee River S.P., where we will be staying for two weeks as of this coming Friday.  It was a great day….DSC_0001

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