Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Manatee River

Jan. 27th
Ahhhh… we are at our very favorite state park.  Little Manatee State Park is a quiet, very small park, but no other park can beat the privacy and peacefulness of this park.  We think that we will return again next year.  Paul and Judy joined us here and we enjoy their company.


Kia is happy to be with her brothers Buddah and Simba


This little turtle lives on our campsite

Turtle (4)
Check out the insert.  I took this picture from the other side of the lake.

Largo Florida (1)Largo Florida (5)

Jan 30th
We went to Largo to visit Shirley and John…..sorry that we missed them.  They are traveling cross country.  Good for them!


Feb 1st
Had visitors today.  We met Hilde and Roland the first time about 5 years ago in Florida.  Both are from Canada and are spending every Winter three to four months in Florida.


Feb 2nd
Today we took a ride to Manatee Lake State Park to check campsite there.  The park is located 14 miles away from Little Manatee and we might make reservations there for next year. We really liked it there.  The lake is large and there are a lot of nice trails.  Some of them paved.  The campsites are spacious and private. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vultures, gators and the best beach EVER!

We went to the beach today.  On the way we stopped to take a few pictures of the gators in the park.  I took the pictures of the vultures in the morning while I was walking Kia.Myakka (6)
Now to the beach…. but boy was I wrong when I said NJ has the best beaches!  Siesta Key was absolutely gorgeous.  It was the prettiest beach that I have ever been to.  Granted…I haven’t been too all beaches in the whole world, but I’ve been to a lot of beaches in this country and this does it for me.  (so far)  What I liked about it was the widths and the white, very clean powder-like sand, never mind the warm water of the gulf.  I also like that there was no boardwalk with all the hustle and bustle of an amusement park.  Smoking was forbidden on the beach and everything looked very clean.  We are not sun-worshippers, but we stayed a little while just to enjoy the warm sun and the atmosphere.Siesta Key (4)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missed a few days of blogging…..this site is not completed yet….come back another day!

We are having a great time and enjoying the time we are spending with our friends Pennie and Lenny.  The last time we got together was 2006.  We stayed in touch over the years and are happy that they came to Florida just to meet up with us.  Pennie and Lenny are full-timers and love their full time RVing life.  Please visit our friend’s Website:
To go back to the pictures…I took the turtle on January 20th.  If you click on in, you’ll see another gorgeous sunset, some birds and pretty scenery.Jan20th 002
On Sunday, our friends arrived and we were just chilling and showing them the a little of the park.  P1220002
Great day to explore the park on Monday, January 23rd.  We climbed up the tower and walked over a hanging bridge.  Pennie was not too thrilled about the hanging bridge, but she was a trooper and walked right over it. P1230010
Tuesday, January 24th…as always in the morning, I took Kia for her walk.  It pays to take the camera, because up in the tree, there was this very beautiful bright red bird.  It was the size of a parrot, looking like a cardinal.  Obviously, when I saw this bird sitting up there, I wished I had a larger lens.Red Bird
After we were all done, we too Pennie and Lenny to the Tampa-Electric power plant Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach.   We also showed them Little Manatee River S.P., where we will be staying for two weeks as of this coming Friday.  It was a great day….DSC_0001

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mornings at Myakka

Most mornings when I take Kia for a walk I try no to forget my camera.  Unfortunately, my 55 mm lens is not functioning anymore. (needs to be send in for repair) Most of the bird picture are better with the 300 mm lens anyway.  For all others, my little Olympus will have to do.  The pictures below are from my morning walk.Mornings 008

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

St. Armand Circle

Looking for something to do, we drove to St. Armand.  It was very nice…very upscale.  Boutiques, outdoor restaurants and caf├ęs and galleries.  All in all very ‘touristy’, yet pretty interesting.  Check out the kisses on cupid’s butt.St. Armand Circle 009

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another pretty sunset

I saw a Red Shouldered Hawk this morning when I took out Kia.  It was far away, but for the distance, the picture was not too bad.  We went to shoot some pictures of birds and wild boars in the afternoon, but it was not that great.  I really need a larger lens.  REALLY!  If you look close, you can see some boars in the back.  Everything else was too far away and this lens just doesn't cut it.  Anyway, the pretty sunset makes it all up.Jan17th 097

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Myakka River has a pretty sunset and lots of vultures

Gotta love the wildlife at Myakka River.  There are all kinds of beautiful birds from vulture to herons and even cranes.  Myakka River S.P. also has wild boars (still waiting to see one) and they sure like to dig in the dirt and never mind all the squirrels, some even very tame.  I guess they are so used to people.  The water is pretty and the sunset is gorgeous.Jan15th 027

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So far so good….the state park has WiFi, but not at the campsite.  So right now I am sitting here at the Outpost and just do some bill paying and stuff.  Peter stayed home with Kia.  I also would like to take some pictures while here, since I don’t have Kia with me to pull me all over the place.  The pictures below are from yesterday.Myakka Outpost 001Myakka Outpost 002Myakka Outpost 004Myakka Outpost 005Myakka Outpost 003

First day at Myakka River

Friday the 13th, yet not a bad day after all.  We arrived at the campground without problems and after we were all set up, we had dinner and relaxed.  It is supposed to get chilly for the next few days.  I guess it still is better than snow. Myakka River

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last day at Collier Seminole S.P.

It is hard to believe, that the first two weeks of our 6 weeks are already over.  Tomorrow we are leaving for Myakka River S.P.  We didn’t go any place and got most of the stuff ready so we don’t have to worry it tomorrow morning.  It’ll only be about two hours, so we can take our time. 
Here at this campsite, Peter made friends with a squirrel and when we took our walk today, we saw this looking tree.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A lot of nothing

We really didn’t do much today.   We went all the way to the other end of Naples (20 miles) to find a ‘Hair Cuttery). Got that done….the hair cut was so-so.  My Dana cuts better, that’s for sure.  Anyway, I needed a cut real bad and this will have to do until we get back home.
After that we went to a store that was very similar to ‘Whole Foods’….boy…one grapefruit $1!   Well….needless to say that we just browsed and left without buying anything.  We then stopped at a shopping center that had an international grocery store called ‘Bravo’.  The store was mostly Hispanic and the prices and selection were unbelievable.  They also had weird food like beef and pig tongues, chicken hearts, pig’s feet, etc.  Tomatoes for 75 cents a pound (home grown)…..yes, only 75 cents and bananas were only 39 cents…..grapefruits…huge grapefruits 3 for a dollar.  I wished I would have found this store in the beginning of the Naples visit.  We went home for a snack and relaxed the rest of the day in the sun.  Later we walked a little to the water.  There wasn’t much going on, but I got a picture of a jumping fish.  Pretty cool.
When you check out the pictures, note that little Rialta RV with the painted flower box.  Very cute.
Jan10th 009

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk is always a favorite for me when we are in the Naples area.  The boardwalk is about 2000 feet long and you can see  lot on interesting wildlife there, from Alligators, their babies, lots of egrets and blue herons, as well as other birds, butterflies, turtles, and even a bald eagles nest.  It is like walking in a different world.Jan7th 019

Friday, January 6, 2012


Every time we are in this area, we are driving through the Everglades.  We stop to see the alligators, all kinds of different birds and just to enjoy this piece of untouched land.  It amazes me each time.  I didn’t get a lot of alligator shots this time, but we are not done yet.  We’ll go back before we leave this area and I am determined to get some good shots yet.  Obviously, I wasn’t very lucky today. Jan6th 001

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The big freeze

Brrrr….was it cold last night!  It got a little better during the day and we were able to sit outside.  The high temperature was 64 degrees during the day and it is supposed to get warmer tomorrow and really nice over the weekend.
The nearest spot to upload my data is the public library on Marco Island.  I will go there tomorrow (Jan 5th) to what ever I have to do while Peter is installing a new fuel filter in the RV.
We met a German couple from Wuerzburg today that had their RV shipped over to the US.  They will be here one year to travel all over the United States in their RV.  What a great way to see a country.  Their RV is a Fiat.  I like the lay-out; it is very well designed.  I am not too crazy about their bed, but I haven’t found THE perfect RV yet in the smaller sizes.Jan4th 015

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Collier Seminole State Park

Happy New Year! It is our second day here and the two days were a dream. The weather was 80+ degrees and we were just relaxing in the sun. It is supposed to get real cold tomorrow and for a few days. I hope that it is not as bad as it was last year. Kia is enjoying her pen and all the dogs that are passing by. TV reception is not too great and no Internet. Internet in my cell phone and are able to receive e-mails and Facebook messages, but that is it. I guess it is better than nothing. We also play dice at night.