Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Got the one percent and ….

…if my chest pain would go away, my life would be close to perfect.  I guess this pleurisy stuff is a little more persistent than expected.  I am going to get another x-ray Thursday and then back to the pulmonary Dr. on Friday.  Hopefully this stuff doesn’t last too much longer, because it keeps me from sleeping at night and at this stage of my life, I NEED my beauty sleep.
Anyway…talking about chest…..I got it!!  I finally found a chest that I like.  I did like the way the other looked, but what good does it do when it is a piece of Garbage.  We went to Michael's Furniture in Brick and voila`…..they had a little accent chest that I liked.  Actually, they had quite a nice selection of all kinds of accent pieces, as well as all kinds of very nice furniture.  Peter saw this darling little chest and I said: “This is the one!”.  Now my room is done….well, except I am now looking for a silk fern, or silk spider plant.  that is not an emergency though.
Saw the baby deer again today….I just wished that I had the camera on my tripod, but I still got a couple of good shots.2011-06-28 001 2011-06-28 0052011-06-28 001 2011-06-28 008

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The last few days…

…were a little hectic, but fun.  First the good news: Peter's last test at Geisingers was negative.  Needless to say that we are thrilled.
We had Anna and Ava here and Thursday Chrissy joined us with Luke and Elisabeth.  It was nice to have them all together and the pizza was delicious. grandkids 2011-06-23 002
My front room is 99% done.  The last 1%, that would have given the room the finishing touch, went ‘poof’!  I found this darling little accent chest at Raymour and Flanagan.  It was on sale for $189.  I ordered and paid for it June 9th.  On June 20st I finally was able to pick it up and wouldn’t you know it….after inspecting it, we saw that it was broken and therefore we didn’t accept it.  Fine, we figured…stuff happens and they said that they will re-order another one.  The following Thursday morning we received a call that we can come and pick it up.  I think that they should have delivered it for free, just for good customer service!  Anyway, we went to Brick and of course I was very excited….finally, my room will be 100% done and pretty.  Well……..we inspected it again and darned, it was again defect.  At this point I requested my money back.  They had to call the manager and I asked him for a refund and there was no problem.  Needless to say that I left the store VERY disappointed, as this little accent chest was so perfect.  Now the hunt for the perfect chest begins again.  I just want one for the TV and a little extra storage for ‘little stuff’ that I have, like external HDs, CDs, etc.  Here is what the room looks like so far:Front room 2011-06-25 001
Keep in mind what it looked like before.  I love this room and thanks to Peter I now have this little sanctuary.  This is my view out of the window:Front room 2011-06-25 004

Monday, June 20, 2011

Belated Father’s Day dinner

We went to Dennis and Chrissy’s for dinner.  It was real nice and we sat by the fire and chatted while enjoying watching the kids play in the backyard. Gotta love the two.  We are blessed!
Fathersday dinner 2011-06-20 001Fathersday dinner 2011-06-20 002Fathersday dinner 2011-06-20 004Fathersday dinner 2011-06-20 005Fathersday dinner 2011-06-20 006

Saturday, June 18, 2011

At Deb and Pud’s…

Cody and Kia became friends.  Cody though thought is was more that a friendship.
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We had a wonderful time at Deb and Pud’s.  It was great to see Pud walking without pain.  Debbie looks as pretty as ever, Janice looked great, and the baby…..Aiden is adorable and so very handsome!  I wasn’t really good company, because I am still hurting despite the pills, but all in all……it was a very nice day.
Before we went to Ashland, we went for Peter’s check-up first and that went fine and without problems.  We still have to wait for the results though.
Later towards the evening Pud took us to paradise.  No, really…it was really paradise.  We went on his 4x4 ranger that seats four and we drove through Deb’s family owned property.  It was a wild ride through the woods, over the hills, etc., but it was well worth it on the end.  We arrived at a little piece of heaven!  There was a little cute cabin with bunk beds inside…..so cute!!  I said: “Wow, now THIS is what you call a cabin!” It was absolutely gorgeous and yes somewhat rustic.  Next to it the pond full of jumping fish and right above the pond was a beautiful waterfall.  I was so upset that I didn’t bring my big camera!! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jeff’s place

We got here to Elysburg around 1:45 PM.  The ride was smooth, except when we got here, we noticed that we lost a hubcap on the way.  I guess it could have been worse.  We stayed on Jeff’s driveway over night
Jeff took us out for dinner….did I mention I love free meals? (inside joke)  We went to Massers and I know that make my friend Paul envious….it was very good.  Jeff and I had Chicken Fried Steak, Peter had a Reuben and Candy a Hamburger with gravy on white Bread (don’t ask…)
Today Peter has his quarterly check-up.  We have to be there at 1 PM and then we are off to Deb and Pud’s place.
I’d have more fun if I would be without this stupid pain.  I did find the German word for what I have….it’s called ‘Rippenfellentzuendung’.  It really sucks!

Jeff's place 2011-06-16 001Jeff's place 2011-06-16 002Jeff's place 2011-06-16 004Jeff's place 2011-06-16 005Jeff's place 2011-06-16 006

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Went to the doctor…..

I went to the pulmonary specialist today and they did all kinds of breathing tests.  He checked me out, listed to what I had to tell him and took his time.  Why can’t all doctors be like that?  Anyway, the diagnosis is pleurisy.  Nothing real serious, just very painful.  Take 1 Aleeve twice a day and see me in a month.  I am relieved that it is nothing serious.  BTW, the Dr. was Dr. Kamel, not Dr. Kerr. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dr. Krishna’s assistant called me back yesterday and told me that she got an appointment for me.  It is with Dr. Brian Kerr, who has an office in Toms River and Brick.  So tomorrow (6/15) at 10 am I’ll be there.
I feel somewhat better today, which seems to be the pattern for the last four weeks.  Every time I take Aleeve for a couple of days, it seems to vanish.  I stop the pills, I’m OK for a few days and it comes back.  A good friend of mine suggested that I may have Pleurisy which totally makes sense.  I guess I have to wait and see what the doctor says tomorrow.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Doctors and their staff

It all started in Myrtle Beach when I was admitted into the hospital with chest pain that radiated to the shoulder blades and shortness of breath. $30,000 + later I was release with no results, but with the report that my heart is just fine.

We went back to the State Park where our camper was and my self-diagnosis was allergies.  The reason for this was the pollen, that made the air look like the rain came down.  I stayed in the camper with the AXC until it was time to leave.  The Doctor suggested not to leave earlier, because of the opening in my groin from the heart catheter.

I still had the pain and once I got home it was real bad.  So I went to my house doctor the day after we arrived home.(May 12th)  She sent me for chest x-rays (see May  20th.)

The Doctor called me with the same results that I read already myself when I saw the diagnostic code.  She said that she would like me to got for a CT scan and before I go, she will tell her office staff get approval for the scan.  I waited patiently and over time the pain even went away a little and I was able to breathe somewhat better.

On May 17th Peter had an appointment and while there, the doctor asked him how I was doing.  He told her that I am still waiting for the approval of the CT scan.  So she sent him to the front office and the office manager said: ”Oh, she doesn’t need an approval, she can just got.”  Wonderful!  So you’d think that  they would call you to let you know….and that they give him the prescription, wouldn’t you?  Nope, I had to go back and pick one up.  I finally got the CT scan done June 8th.  It was a Wednesday.  My severe pain  and the shortness of breath started again on Friday and I took painkillers the whole weekend as I didn’t want to miss the little ones soccer games.

Today is Monday.  I called the Dr.’s office and they said the Dr. won’t be in until the afternoon.  I asked if she could see me this afternoon and the office manager said, that she doesn’t know, we’ll have to see.  I asked if the fax came in from the x-ray place came in yet and she didn’t know and when the doctor is in she will call me.  That wasn’t good enough for me, so I called Toms River x-ray to ask when they faxed the report.  The told me that they faxed it on Thursday.  I called back the Doctor’s office and she claimed that they didn’t receive a fax.  ‘Toms River X-Ray’ must have mailed it…I called them back and they confirmed to me that they indeed faxed it and they will re-fax it. I called back the office manager to tell them what Toms River X-ray said and she told me that they receive faxes electronically (no paper) and that it is NOT there. I also said to the office manager that she please should let the Dr. know that I have a hard time breathing and I am in pain.  Her answer was, that in that case I should go to the ER.  I have this effing pain since May now!!  Mind you, it is almost 1 pm now.  I still haven’t heard a thing from the Dr.  I was ready to switch to a different Dr. this morning, but what good does that do me….start from scratch?

BTW, the office manager is trying to tell me that an electronic fax could take days, in her own words: “I really don’t understand all this electronic stuff, but this is how it goes.”  Does she even know that she is talking to the Electronic Queen?  Who does she think she is BSing?  I am so done with that office and if Dr. Krishna isn’t calling me today, it’s be the end of this Doctor – Patient relationship.


It is 2 PM and I called back the doctors office.  The assistant answered and I asked if there is any way that the Doctor still can see me today....my pain is getting worse and my breathing capability is pretty bad.  The girl replied that the doctor will not be in at all. I questioned why the office manager then told me in the morning that she'll be in later this afternoon.  No answer.... I also asked if she know if the doctor will still call me today, she told me that she doesn't know...she is in Manalapan in her office.  When I asked if I could go there, she answered that she is not sure, as the Doctor may not be there anymore and she will go to a graduation party.  She asked if I could come in tomorrow morning at 8 am.  I will certainly try, I said....if I didn't drop dead by then.

3 PM – Dr. Krishna called and gave me the name of a couple pulmonary doctors.  I called them and there was no appointment available until mid-July.  REALLY?
I called back Dr. Krishna’s office to cancel the 8 am appointment and I also told the assistant that I can not get an appointment until mid-July.  I also mentioned to he that I will go to the Home –Depot to purchase a rope….might as well hang myself.

5 Minutes later Dr. Krishna calls back.  She said that she’ll try to get me in earlier.  We’ll see…..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our weekend

First let me talk about the ‘family’ painting.  I had an uncle (mom’s brother) who was pretty talented.  He actually was a street painter…..now you are wondering, whether or not he was one of these starving artist, aren’t you…..well, he worked for a company painted the lines on the street….you know, those yellow and white divider lanes.  That really had nothing to do with his talent.  He was a hobby painter and 1952 he gave my mom a very pretty painted picture of sunflowers, that he painted.  I grew up with this painting, because it was hanging in my parents living room for years and even when they fled from East-Berlin to West-Berlin in 1957, the picture came with us.  On the back of the painting was another painting that he created 1947.
After Peter and I immigrated to the US, the painting was still in my parents possession.  It was in their basement and I always wanted to take it home (back to the US) every time I visited Cuxhaven, my hometown in Germany.  Each time I wanted to take it with me though, my suitcases were filled to the rim and there was never room for it.  So every time I visited, I said…I’ll take it the next time.
Years later I finally said to my mom, that this time I will take uncle Walter’s painting home with me and she replied, saying that she gave it to her friend Hannelore.  Wow, I didn’t see that coming and I told my mom how disappointed I was.  She called Hannelore and asked her if she would mind giving the picture back to her.  Hannelore did end up giving it back.  However, in the meantime she spray painted the pretty original antique frame, which complimented the painting, silver.  I could have screamed….if the silver color wasn’t bad enough…..there were silver speckles over the whole painting.
In any case, I took the painting home with me and hung it up in my front room.  The room is now almost done, but of course the silver frame looked ridiculous.  Peter painted it over for me to match the new colors of the room.  Below you’ll see the painting including the back of it from 1947
misc 2011-06-11 001misc 2011-06-11 002

Every morning and late afternoon we see deer in our back yard.  Often as many as 20+.  This morning we had 2 does (female deer) and a buck.   The quality isn’t great, because I took the pictures through the screened windows.  Even though we see them every day, it is always a pretty sight.
misc 2011-06-11 003misc 2011-06-11 004misc 2011-06-11 005

Today was Luke’s and Elisabeth’s last soccer game.  Of course we wouldn’t miss it, despite the lousy weather.  Love watching the little ones play
Last soccer game 2011-06-11 026

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Sunday we went to see Anna’s last soccer game for the season.  Boy, what an exciting game it was!  Anna was an awesome goalie.  Her team didn’t have any substitute players.  One girl was out with a broke ankle and on got injured on the field.  The other team had four substitute players and therefore played strong.   However,  our girls were truly amazing and even though they lost 2:1, I congratulate them.  Good job Anna and her team!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Did they move Arizona to Holiday City?

Our back yard……………………………..cactus 2011-06-10 001cactus 2011-06-10 003cactus 2011-06-10 004cactus 2011-06-10 005cactus 2011-06-10 006

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot, hot, hot…..

I am not complaining, but boy it is hot out there! On one side of our house was 107 degrees around 1 pm and it is now 3:30 pm and it’s 102 degrees on the other side of the house.  Thank god for AC and cold beer!

Hot 2011-06-09 001

We are still trying to get my front room done.  Went looking for a cabinet or chest to put the TV on, but I didn’t want a real TV stand, because I think most of them are ugly.  So we found one at Raymour and Flanigan in Brick.  Unfortunately it was not in stock and I have to wait for it. I could have looked some more for another one, but this one is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.  Now I need a small table lamp and the window dressing.  I think that will be the toughest part. accent chest 2011-06-08 001

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bestest weekend in a long time…

The weekend is over.  We had a lot of fun with the kids and grandkids.  The weather was great too.  The cake was a surprise from Tamar and Doug.
64th birthday party (41)

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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Birthday

First of all….I have never had this many Happy Birthday wishes in my whole life.  I love Facebook!  I don’t care what you ‘Anti-Facebook’ people say…..it is the greatest way to stay in touch with people, whether they are family or friends.
We are at the camping today through Monday.  The kids are coming too and I an looking forward to ‘party’ tomorrow.  Love my present from Peter….two new beads for my Pandora bracelet.  Thank you!!!
We took a little walk through the campground this afternoon.  Nobody is really here yet and it was pretty quiet and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.  I still can’t get over these huge campsites in this campground.  Other campground owners would squeeze 3 campers in what is one site here.
On our walk we saw this real cook antique car…..Turtle Run Campground 2011-06-03 001Turtle Run Campground 2011-06-03 002

Nothing but pretty trees and blue skies today. 
Turtle Run Campground 2011-06-03 003

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So far so good…

…the chairs and the end table arrived yesterday and I am thrilled.  The recliners are so comfortable, that I didn’t want to leave the room.  Now I still need a TV stand, windows dressing and some pictures on the wall.Front  Room 2011-06-03 001Front  Room 2011-06-03 002Front  Room 2011-06-03 003

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What is better than a nice German “Abendbrot”?  We had a great time over Annegret’s house and enjoyed a German feast.  Thanks, Annegret, as always….you out-did yourself.
(Inside joke for Paul: This was a free meal!) Annegret 2011-06-01 001Annegret 2011-06-01 002Annegret 2011-06-01 003Annegret 2011-06-01 004Annegret 2011-06-01 005