Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just a little update…..

Can’t write when nothing new is happening.  Let me see….
I have told you all about Anna.  I am hoping that with the proper diet, good care from specialized physicians, medicine, and some prayers (they never hurt) she can have a healthier future.  She really had enough health problems in her 11 years.

Our association now has a computer club which I joined.  I think it is going to be fun and I think I found something that I might really enjoy.  I tried the line dancing a few times and that is not my thing.  I am a total un-coordinated klutz. My feet and my brain just don’t listen to each other and therefore I gave line dancing thumbs down.

A little while ago I posted a few pictures of our front room and how sloppy it looks.  I am almost done clearing out the room.  This weekend I am hoping that we can take the desk out and the TV stand.  When we come back from Myrtle Beach, I’ll pick out some paint and then I’ll decide how I want to decorate the room.  Can’t wait for it to be done. 


plh said...

I'm amazed that you of all people can't find anything to write about,is it still raining? Did Peter see the Space Station go by Yesterday? I heard that the camping season has started in the Northeast but mud could be a problem with all the rain.Its 80 here and the lake is really beautiful, the new JETBOAT runs like a dream. PLH

Anonymous said...

I am sure that they have their work cut out at the campground in the N/W. The mud must be awful and I am sure that the seasonals are wondering whether or not they want to do this every single year. I wouldn't, that's for sure.

Heidi said...

Hi PHL, Peter didn't see the space station. Can't wait to hitch a ride on your jet boat!
We are going to Geisingers in June, so we might stay a few days in the area. Don't know where we park yet....