Monday, March 28, 2011

My Renovation Project

Our house has a little, den-type, room as you walk into the front door.  For years I used this room as my office.  I did some desktop publishing, as well as photo restoration and I am done with it.  I decided to get rid of everything in that the little front room and turn it into what it was meant to be – a den.  I know it’ll take me a few months to finish this project, but it’ll get done eventually.  I started to clean out the first two cabinets, the next item cleaned out will be a shelf and then comes the huge task…..THE DESK!   The PC goes, as I only use my laptop and netbook anyway.  Today I took a few pictures from before and as we go further, I’ll post the progress.  It is especially messy right now and looks very overwhelming to me, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get this done!  Once the room is empty, Peter will paint it for me and the rest is the fun part.
Renovation Project 2011-03-28 001Renovation Project 2011-03-28 002Renovation Project 2011-03-28 003

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plh said...

Oh what clutter,PLH