Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just keeping in touch….

Nothing much happened.  Peter took the RV to the MVC to have it inspected.   After staying in line a while, he was told that Diesels don’t need an inspection anymore.  What a waste of time.  They could have told us that when we registered the RV.
I cleaned the house while he was done and when he got back we ate lunch.  I made potato salad and fried fish with a salad.
I spent the afternoon at the eye doctor only to find out that my prescription from ‘America’s Best’ was wrong.  No wonder I wasn’t comfortable in my glasses from them.  Got a new prescription and with the advise not to go back to ‘America’s Best’.  I won’t!

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plh said...

He was so excited that he has a diesel that he probably forgot what State he was in,fuel $4.00 a gal. soon. Looks like we might have to use mental telapathy to communicate. The Arabs need the money so they can buy more guns so they can kill each other.What a wonderful way to enjoy retirement.I can't wait until they get to meet the 72 virgins.