Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fantasy Island Campground

We used to have a great time in our 3 years of being seasonal campers at the little campground called “Fantasy Island Campground”.  It was like everyone was family and it felt very comfortable there.  We still have a handful of friends, that continued to be seasonal campers there and we will miss them very much.  Hopefully we can spend a month this summer in the area to see our friends.
The Susquehanna River is known to have floods once in a while and this year it was pretty bad.  One of my camper friends allowed me to use some his pictures to show you all how bad this was.  The water on the pictures below however wasn’t at the highest level at that point.  An other friend posted some pictures on Facebook which show the damage that the flood has done.   It looks pretty bad and is going to take some work to clean up the debris and mud.

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plh said...

This is a perfect time to install 50 amp services to all the campsites. Leftover mud could be a problem for the Riverfront folks when old muddy goes down and leaves a mess,I guess I can skip my trip to Sunbury this year.PLH