Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camera club

I never thought I see the day where I would join a club.  I really am not a ‘club’ person.  However, a couple of seniors here in our development decided to create a camera club.  That got my attention and I decided to take a look-see what this all about.  Went to the first meeting today and it sounds like this is something I would be interested in.  It looks like we’ll be meeting once a month and besides regular meeting, the club will have a couple of things in between, like outings to take pictures, maybe some exhibits, and other things.
Other than the meeting today, there wasn’t much going on here.  Oh yeah, made reservations for trip to Florida next winter. 
Looking forward to tomorrow, as we’ll have Anna here.  She bought herself a new iPod Touch and we’ll attempt to transfer her music from her old iPod to the new one.

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