Friday, March 11, 2011

Anna is fine now…

Got a call from Tammy last night that Anna was transported by ambulance to the local hospital here and she needed us to come, because once Anna would have been released, she’d need a ride home.  Dan stayed home with Ava.
Here is what happened:
Anna was eating dinner and got up to get a glass of water and as she did that, she choked on a piece of chicken breast.  She was able to breathe, but she was choking like crazy.  Tammy dialed 911. In the ambulance they checked Anna’s oxygen level and it was very low.
The ER Doctor ordered a MRI (we found out later, that it was totally unnecessary).
Anna in the meantime coughed up two small pieces of chicken and when asked, if she still feel like something is stuck in her throat, she responded with a yes.  She was not able to swallow at all, not even her own spit or water, and she kept producing flem and had to spit it out all the time.  So the doctor in the ER suggested that a gastrologist should go inside (endoscopy).  The gastrologist was called and he told the ER physician that he does not treat children.  So now Anna had to be transferred to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, 30 miles away.
To our surprise, she was admitted for the night and an endoscopy was scheduled for this morning.  Because she was able to breathe, it was not considered an life-threatening emergency anymore.
I found out from Tammy this morning that Anna coughed up a large piece of chicken breast around 3 am this morning.  She felt better after that, as far as I know the endoscopy is till scheduled.

Just got a call from Tammy.  Anna had the endoscopy and with that a biopsy.  There is a possibility that she has a disease called: eosinophilic esophagitis which makes sense, because Anna has quite a few food allergies.  We shall see when the results come back.   As for now, she is fine and waiting to go home.

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