Friday, February 18, 2011

Geisinger Hospital

Peter started his second round of BCG treatments.  Two more weeks to go and then, I believe he has one more round to go in six months from now.  We left the house 5:10 am and got there around 9: 20 am.  The treatment goes as follows:
First a urine test it done to rule out any infection in his body.  Then the BCG infusion is made. 
BCG stands for Bacillus Calmette-Guerin.  It is often used as a vaccine against tuberculosis, and it is made from an attenuated strain of the bovine tuberculosis bacteria.  What this means is that it is a lave bacteria that has been specially cultured for years to weaken it, which makes it unable to cause tuberculosis in humans.  This weakened bacteria is, however, able to cause the body to generate an immune system response.  In addition to its use as a vaccine for tuberculosis, BCG is also used as a treatment for bladder cancer.  In these cases, it is administered via a urinary catheter and is introduced into the bladder.
They gave him a stronger dose this time and as usual, every person has different reaction to certain things.  Peter’s is not feeling well at all after this treat

While Peter was being treated, I took a ride with Kia to the Shikellamy State Park, near the campground at which we had a seasonal site for three years.  We took a nice little walk and on the way back to the hospital, I stopped at the Surplus store for some rolled butter and my favorite cooper cheese.

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