Sunday, January 23, 2011

We are getting smaller

In 2006 and 2007, we traveled in our van camper throughout almost the whole country.  We truly enjoyed it and saw a lot.  The van camper didn’t have much room and we purchased a 5th wheel which we enjoyed until February of 2010.  We were in California when we saw our Bounder.  We liked it a lot and traded.  It is a nice RV and we truly loved all the conveniences, including the washing machine and the huge shower.  At that point, we thought we would stay at Fantasy Island every summer and spend the winter in Florida.  Things changed and we decided not to be seasonals anymore; instead, we will now travel the country a little more.  Are you kidding?  In the 36 footer at 3-6 miles per gallon?  Well, after a long back and forth, talking, thinking, looking, etc., we decided to go and take look-see what’s available in a size that is not too small, yet more economical to drive. We were here at Hillsborough River State Park, when a friend of mine asked: “Did you know that you are only 14 miles away from Lazy Days?” No…..I did not! We took a ride….just to look…you know how that goes…just looking…...yeah! We saw a RV that we fell in love with. However, we did go back to the park first and slept it over. The one that we really wanted wasn’t in stock anyway, but the salesman said it might come in the next day. It sure did. I guess it is meant to be. The pictures that are posted below. The RV we purchased it exactly the same, except the upholstery has a different design. As soon as we are in the camper, I will take pictures of ours and they will be posted as well.

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