Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It ain’t what is used to be…

Almost as long as we live in the area, we visited occasionally the Sandcastle Diner in Beachwood.  It used to be an excellent place to eat.  They had very good food for a reasonable price.  Over the years they went from a soup to nuts menu to an a la card dinner menu.  That was somewhat more expensive, but as long as the food was good, we didn’t mind.  Over the years the food went from excellent to so la la…
About a year or so ago, we went there for breakfast and it actually was pretty good.  Right after that the diner was renovated. Tammy and Dan, who always went there for breakfast, informed us that the prices went up, despite the fact that the owners had a sign outside claimed the price didn’t go up, even though they renovated.  Needless to say that they stopped going there. 
A few days ago, I was able to purchase a  $25 gift certificate on-line for this diner for only $10.  Good deal, you say…I thought so.
So we went today.  Peter ordered his usual diner food, a Ruben on Rye.  I ordered Chicken Scampi.  Because I ordered from the ‘Early Bird’ special, I got a salad and dessert with my meal.  I also ordered an onion soup, which was extra.  Let’s put it this way….it was not bad, but I am not raving about it either.
Peter told me that the Ruben was the worst one he ever had.  The served it open-faced, which was not the problem.  The sauerkraut was put right on top of the rye, then the (very  tasteless) meat, topped with cheese.  Needless to say that the sauerkraut made the rye totally soggy and gross.  Obviously, they never heard that you put the meat first on the rye and usually the rye is slightly toasted.  For our beverage Peter and I ordered hot tea.   When I asked for a refill, the waitress brought a fresh teabag and filled up my cup with semi-hot water.  She turned around, looked at Peter’s almost empty cup and said: “Let me refresh your tea.”  As she said that, she poured hot water on top of his half an inch that was left in the cup.  No tea bag…just water…. We were so dumbfounded, we didn’t know what to say.  Anyway, the bill came to $25.10.  I tipped the waitress and went to the front with my $25 certificate.  Will we go back?  NEVER!!

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