Saturday, December 18, 2010

A day in Pennsylvania

We had an appointment to have an ‘in between’ check-up for Peter.  We left Toms River about 8 am.  and decided to do a little reminiscing first and drove to our once very favorite campground in Sunbury, where we met up with our friend Judy who currently lives two miles away from Shamokin.


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After looking around a bit and taking some pictures of the pretty river, we wanted to have lunch together and ended up at Subway.  The reason for Subway and not a better restaurant was, because we had Kia with us and didn’t want to leave her too long by herself in the car.  It was just too cold.  She did OK for the time  in the car by herself, while we were having our subs.  Lunch was good and we went off to go shopping at the surplus store, where I purchased about 10 lbs. of rolled butter, 5 lbs. of raw sugar (love it in my tea) and of course…..Cooper cheese.
Judy took off from there and off we drove to the hospital.  Kia was once again left in the car and she did real good. We were at the hospital for about two hours and I checked her in between and warmed up the car as well.  She was very cozy in her blanket and I must say it over and over again, I have one adorable f&%$ing dog!
The day went good….. up to the point when the doctor told Peter that she wants to do another biopsy (going in with anesthesia) on the 21st of December, because she saw a red spot again.  So we’ll have to return on or before that day.  They will call us with the exact time.  Oh well…just what we needed before Christmas, another trip to PA.  I am just hoping for decent weather.

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