Thursday, December 23, 2010

A day at the hospital

We went back to Geisingers, because Peter’s urologist decided that she needs to do a biopsy.  She found suspicious looking spots during the cystoscopy and to be on the safe site, she wanted to go ‘in’ and take a few samples.  It was a pretty rough on Peter.  His appointment was 11:15 am.  He was not supposed to eat anything before the procedure, because it was done under general anesthesia.  We left the house 5:50 am and arrived at the hospital about 9:50 am.  (Did I mention that I didn’t eat either?)  By 11:15 am we were all signed in, etc.  Brenda, a friend from Fantasy Island campground came to visit us downstairs in the waiting area.  Thanks Brenda!  We then still waited until about 2 pm when he finally got called.  The brought him into the pre-op area and I left for the café terrier.  Peter’s procedure wasn’t done until 4:30 pm.  That was tough, not being able to eat anything all this time.
At this time, I realized that I really don’t want to drive home anymore, because by the time he got out of recovery, it was 6:30 pm.  We took advantage of an offer to stay at Geisingers ‘House of Care’ for $15 a night.  It was a little different.  It’s almost like a B&B.  You share a bathroom.  You get fresh linens and make up your own bed.  I liked that, because I knew the linens were washed and the mattress was covered with plastic.   Everything was very clean.  In the morning you have to take off the linen and put it into the hamper outside in the hallway.  I took some pictures of the room in the morning with our un-made beds.
Everyone was very friendly.  The common area was all decorated for Christmas and there even was a fully furnished and equipped kitchen.  We were very pleased.  Another reason why we drive 4 hours for Peter.  Everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and courteous. 

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