Monday, November 1, 2010

Charlene at the Atlantic Ocean

We had a wonderful time with Charlene.  She sure brought some sunshine from California to New Jersey.  We went to Island Beach State Park.  Great place to visit.  We even saw a fox.

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Lunch was delicious, company was great – almost a prefect day if we wouldn’t have to go to a viewing the same night.  It was so sad.  Kevin, the son of a friend….only 23 years old.  Rest in Peace Kevin.

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PLH said...

What a FOXX, I can remember this pretty young lady when she camped at that fantasy island place last year. Its hard to imagine that she can look so much younger as well as prettier since last spring. I sure hope she visits me in the Carolinas at our lake. What an addition to the EYE-CANDY that we currently enjoy down here. Thanks for making my DAY,WEEK,ECT. Paul