Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday, new stove….

Peter’s birthday was nice yesterday and we had a good time.  Got these Breaded Onion Petals w/Aussie Sauce from BJ’s.  They came with a sauce that tasted like the one at the Outback for the Blooming Onion  and it was real yummy! For dinner we ordered pizza.  Peter wanted cheese cake as his birthday cake, so that is what he got.  It was good.  Good food and better company….life is great.20101119_13BTW…I got my new stove last Saturday and it is wonderful.  I love it an I am glad that I got it.20101116_10Also, I got a new pressure cooker.  Years ago, I used one a lot, but the one I have is not good for an electric stove.  The pressure cooker that I bought now, is one that is independent with it’s own power cord.  Can’t wait to use it!  Now I will sell my old one on Craig's ListP11406385[1]
I almost forgot…when there are deer passing by  in our backyard, our little Kia loves watching them and tries to get their attention by barking.  Of course it works and she will get their attention, but they just look over like they would say: “So, what do you want you little squirt?”  It’s still cute though….

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