Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking back…….

Looking back at our past year of camping as a seasonal camper makes me sad.  When we first decided that we wanted to be a ‘seasonal’, the decision was based on all the wonderful people we met at the campground.  The second reason was the area.  I love the rolling hills, the river, as well as the surrounding towns like Lewisburg, Danville, Selinsgrove, etc.
Peter and I were pretty much ‘gung-ho’ when it came to partying, cocktail hours, playing dice at the tiki bar, pot-luck dinners….you name it, we did have fun.

Things at the campground didn’t go well this past year though.
Good friends of ours left the prior season, because they felt that they were not treated with respect and other friends decided this year that they won’t come back for similar and other reasons, like changes in policies, attitude, etc.
One couple left because they moved out of state, but there was a monetary discrepancy.
Also, to me it looked like if you don’t ‘mingle’ or come to any of the events, you are shunned.  Just a little example, when I left the tiki bar before the game was over, (just because I was tired and wanted to go to my camper) I was asked: “What, are we turning into a pumpkin now?”  It was not the first time comments like this were made.  I always felt guilty not coming to an event, so in order to stop all comments, I didn’t attend anything anymore.  It was too bad, because a lot of our friends attended the events and we didn’t go.  Instead, we were hanging out with other friends that felt like I did, or we just sat in front of our camper by ourselves.

There were many, many other things that happened throughout this past season and friends that we thought are ‘lifetime’ friends, turned out to be not friends at all.  Thank God the majority still are our friends and I am grateful for it.

Why did I write this?  Because I felt I had to and this is the last time I will mention this past season, unless it’s something positive or anyone adds a comment.
I didn’t mention any names, but most people will recognize what I am talking about.

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