Monday, September 27, 2010

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Had some disturbing news ....found out that the dedication of the "Gazebo" at the Sunbury Social Club honoring Timmy Ritzman was on Sunday, September 19th.  I am sure that Timmy will forgive us for not attending.  We were still at the campground, but I guess no one found it important enough to tell us about the dedication.  Peter and I are very hurt about this. 
Rest in peace Timmy.....nothing is the same anymore...
The above kind of topped it all and I am VERY happy that we decided not to come back as seasonal campers to Fantasy Island Campground. 
We really loved it there and made wonderful lifetime friends.  Unfortunately, it turned out that some of our 'so called' friends are/were no friends at all.  I would go as far as saying that they were not even acquaintances.
An acquaintance doesn't ignore you; an acquaintance greets you and makes eye contact.
Real friends are not mad at you, when you have other friends, which they dislike.
Real friends listen when you are telling them something and they sure don't drive off abruptly in the middle of a story.
Real friends just take you as you are.
Real friends don’t listen to rumors.
Well, another life lesson learned……

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Pud and Deb said...

We miss Timmy also, you are right things were not the same after he was gone, we miss him. And we are greatful for all the friend we made at the camper!! Don't feel bad we did not know about the dedecation either