Friday, September 3, 2010

Another great day in Pennsylvania

We had a grat day today over Deb and Pud's house.  Poor Leslie, she wanted to come, but she wasn't in good shape, because of her surgery.  Hurry up and feel better soon!
Anyhow, I somehow felt that she should have been there, so I kind of included her in the picture.  I didn't do a great job, didn't have my Photoshop installed.
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For dinner we went to RicMar (not that good) and back at the campground we 'admired' Mary Ann's hole in here window.   It looks like someone cut a perfectly round hole and it sure didn't look like it was done by accident.  Now who would do such a thing?  Here is a picture of Mary Ann's and Marc's broken window:
All in looks like it's going to be a good weekend.  Let's just hope that this incident doesn't happen again.  Kind of weird and scary.

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