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Check out the 'inside states' in 2007

2007….time to continue our road trip.  Below you’ll see all the states we visited.


Unfortunately and I really mean it, I regret not writing a log while on this trip.  I did take a lot of pictures and hopefully most of them are self-explanatory.

Purchased by the federal government in 1969, Seneca Rocks is one of the best-known landmarks in West Virginia.  These rocks have long been noted as a scenic attraction and are popular with rock climbers.


Located just seven miles south of Charleston, West Virginia, Kanawha State Forest is in close proximity to the heavily populated Kanawha Valley and is a recreational haven. Some of the state's most popular picnic areas are here, along with significant hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing opportunities. A playground attracts families during the summer season and the fully equipped campground is one of the few in the Charleston area.


Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. This is the world's longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored. Early guide Stephen Bishop called the cave a "grand, gloomy and peculiar place," but its vast chambers and complex labyrinths have earned its name - Mammoth.


Hot Springs, Arkansas takes its name from the world-famous thermal waters that flow into the historic downtown district of the city. Read an in-depth history of Hot Springs that dates back tens of thousands of years.  We stayed at Sunlight Bay Campground.  Nimrod Dam was completed in 1942 as part of a comprehensive plan for flood control and development of water resources in the Fourche LaFave River. Although recreation was not part of the initial mission of the dam project, the lake and surrounding 21,000 acres of pristine land have now become a recreational oasis for outdoor enthusiasts.


We were in Tennessee in 2005, but at that time we only visited Nashville and not Memphis.  I am not a fanatic Elvis fan, but I liked his music.   So when you are in Memphis, you have to see Graceland and it was pretty awesome.


When we were in Florida the prior winter, we met Leanne and John from New Zealand.  They bought a truck and a 5th wheel in the US and traveled the country for 18 months.  When we arrived in Oklahoma, we met them and their friends and had a great time.  We still are in touch after they left to fly back home.
While were in Oklahoma, we experimented horrendous rain falls and with that came the flooding.  It was pretty bad as you’ll see in some of the pictures.


The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve were awesome!  People were using the River like a beach (see pictures) and the view of the dunes was spectacular!
We also visited Mesa Verde National Park.  Please make sure to click on this link to read more about this very interesting piece of history.


Utah – I think this was my favorite part of our trip.  The national Parks there are just awesome, amazing and beautiful.  Please click on all the pictures to view all the gorgeous parks.  All different, which is amazing since they are all on one state.  We also went to Salt Lake City and were awed by the wealth of the Mormon Community.  Their temple and all other buildings are unbelievable.

Arrival in Utah

While in Utah, driving from one park to the other, we went through Utah’s worst wild fire ever.  It was pretty scary and right after we were through, they closed the highway.

Wildfires in Utah

Arches National Park

Canyonland National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

Antelope Island

Flaming Gorge

Wyoming is a great state….pretty and great American history.  Gotta love those fake shoot-outs.


Nebraska is a state on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. Its state capital is Lincoln. Its largest city is Omaha, which is on the Missouri River.


In Missouri we visited our friends Jytte and Torben. (Torben passed away 2013)  and we had such a great time!  We also did a little sight-seeing.


When we arrived in Illinois, we decided to stay at our favorite Army Corps of Engineers park “Lake Carlyle”.  It’s only $10 a night and it is a wonderful park with great campsite.  The bathrooms/showers are immaculate.


In May of 2007 we took a separate trip to Lake Carlyle, IL.  The reason was a get-to-gether with people the I met via Internet in a Yahoo group called ‘Cheap Camping”.  We had a great time and made new friends.


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