Friday, July 28, 2006

Driving around the USA 2006

July 28th: Our last day in Yellowstone.  We drove to the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.  I don't know how many times I can say 'awesome' and still be grammatically correct.  But they just are.  We also saw a petrified tree in Yellowstone.

Our next stop is Cody, Wyoming and here are just some of the pictures on the way there.  No need to describe the breath taking landscape. 


July 29th: We are in Cody, Wyoming.  Buffalo Bill used to be here.  It so happened, that this weekend the Hell's Angels are holding their 2006 World Rally here and we landed at the same campground on which they are staying.  Cops all over....bikers galore...and it all is very peaceful.  I personally think that the cops should just give it up, because the bikers are totally harmless.
The day ended with a real western 'shoot-out'

July 30: Off to the next stop... Pine Haven, Wyoming.  We found a campsite in Keyhole State Park.  The pictures below were taken on the way from Cody to Pine Haven.

July 31:  31 miles from the campsite is the Devils Tower National Monument and very amazing.  In the park were thousands of little Prairie dogs...just posing.

August 1:  Originally we planned on driving through North Dakota, but we decided to visit South Dakota instead and I am glad that we did.  The Black Hills National Forest is beautiful.  Very much like the Black Forest back home.  We stayed one night at one of the Forest's Campgrounds, had a delicious dinner and a good night sleep.

August 2: On the way to Mount Rushmore we came across a mountain goat and her baby. Mount Rushmore was really impressive and a must see, yet a little smaller than we imagined it from pictures that we previously have seen.

Off to Mitchell, S.C.  On the way we stopped at Wall Drug, walked around, did a little shopping and took a few pictures.  We drove through the grasslands of South Dakota and arrived at R & R Campground in Mitchell, S.D.  We met some great bikers that were on the way to Sturgis and had a great time.

August 3: Mitchell, S. D. is a small town with its big attraction being the the Corn Palace.  Mitchell's Corn Palace is built out of reinforced concrete, not corn. Every spring, however, its exterior is completely covered with thousands of bushels of native South Dakota corn, grain and grasses that are arranged into large murals.

August 4:  Next state was Minnesota.  Corn and Soya beans fields as far as the eye can see and silos every half a mile.  We stopped at a road stand to purchase a dozen corn.  (Yes, we ate them all).

We drove to a small town, called New Ulm.  Being German, we figured we'll take a look to see what it is all about, since we read that we can buy German merchandise, including breads and lunchmeats and experience other German 'stuff'.  It was a total rip-off.  Very expensive, no German speaking people and a lot of 'kitsch'.  No breads.  They had a bakery, but it was closed.  It was Friday at 1:50 PM.  I did get Rote Gruetze and Dr. Oetker Pudding.  We left disappointed.  We found a campground, grilled our ribs and corn and planed the next day.

August 5:  Mall of America!  WOW..... If we wanted to see the whole mall, it would have took us days.
We did see quite a bit, shopped a little and found a very nice, brand-new campground in Fairchild, WI.  There are close to 500 miles of ATV trails and ATV's owners/campers are their main business.  If you own an ATV, look into taking a trip to Briar Wood RV Park & Campground  in Fairchild, WI.

August 6th: We liked Wisconsin and stayed one more day in Nicolet National Forest. It was very peaceful and pretty.  The campsite was located right at called Morgan Lake.  $5 a campsite, a steal.

August 7th:  Off to Michigan.  On the border of Wisconsin and Michigan we found Piers Gorge Trail, took a little walk and then drove to Petowsky State Park.  over the Blue Water Bridge.
The Park is located directly on the lake and it was pretty, especially the sunset.  The next morning, I had to take another quick look at the lake.  I've always lived near an ocean and never saw a beautiful huge lake like the Michigan Lake before.

August 8th: We left Michigan with the intend to end our trip.  We saw Ohio before and there was nothing that interested us.  Our daughter's birthday is on August 11th, and we decided to surprise her and come home early.   So we drove to the Ohio Turnpike and after a few hours drive, we over-nighted at a truck stop.  It was very nice.  You were able to stay in an area that allowed RVs and there even were hook-ups.  It costs $15 and there is a 24 hour limit.  I haven't figured the building on the one picture.  It looks like a temple.  Unfortunately, I only saw it last minute while driving on the turnpike.  BTW, we've never seen this many wheels on one truck in NJ.

August 9th: We left Ohio and drove to Pennsylvania to stay there for two nights.  We went to Spring Gulch  Campground.  While there, we went sightseeing and shopping.  We drove home on August 11th.
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